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Our Experience With Uninsured Motorist Claims Gives You the Upper Hand.

Uninsured Motorist Claims

Sustaining life-altering injuries in a car accident is traumatic enough. But what if the other motorist has insufficient insurance to cover your injuries—or no insurance at all? Nearly 17% of California drivers are uninsured, making this situation more common than you might think. Luckily, SHK LAW has the expertise to help you navigate these issues and work toward a fair, equitable resolution.

What Makes Us Different

Our Approach

As soon as we take on your case, we pour everything we have into securing the outcome you deserve.

Wherever the accident took place, we’re there as soon as possible. While other firms may wait for the police report, we know that delaying means valuable evidence can disappear. By acting immediately, we can document everything before footage is erased and damaged vehicles are demolished.

During our on-the-ground investigation of your uninsured motorist accident, we attempt to access traffic-cam videos, take photos of the scene, and contact other drivers who have witnessed the crash. This early investigation is critical to building a solid foundation for your case.

Because you’re unlikely to be covered by uninsured motorist insurance if you’re deemed at fault or in a situation where there is no proof of contact between vehicles aside from your word, we work diligently to prove that you were the victim. As part of our process, our attorneys will prepare a detailed report of your medical bills, property damages, lost wages, and more. From there, we can share a number that accurately reflects the value of your case with the insurance company when making our uninsured or underinsured motorist claims.

Insurance companies know that certain law firms get more and more desperate for settlement, the closer they get to trial. Unprepared to take the case the full distance, these firms lose leverage as trial approaches. As a result, their clients do not get full and fair justice for their injuries.

The opposite is true when SHK is on the case. As a trial firm, we hold all the cards as trial draws near. We have done the work. Our experts are retained and ready to testify. We are trial-ready. There is no need – and no pressure – to accept a lowball offer. This gives us the upper hand and leverage to obtain the maximum value prior to trial. If we do settle before trial, we settle for full and fair justice–not discount justice.

The numbers don’t lie: our outstanding jury verdicts have paved a pathway for excellent settlements. And since we are willing to finance a case all the way through trial, you will not have to accept an unfair payout for your injuries.


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We’ve overseen countless uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, so we know automobile accident cases like the backs of our hands. Let us leverage our vast experience to net you the biggest possible payout.

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