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Suffering After a Commercial Trucking Accident? We’re On the Case.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

If you or a loved one were involved in a life-altering truck accident, we’ll help make things right. Although we can’t undo the pain you must be experiencing, we can help bring you emotional and financial peace of mind.

Our Strategy to Winning Your Trucking Case

Our Approach

We invest significant time, money, and energy into your case from the moment you contact us—because we know what we need to prove and what it takes to win.

As soon as we join your team, we involve our industry contacts at various state departments to access the evidence we need. Dashcam footage and red light camera recordings are often erased after only a few weeks or months, so we waste no time procuring the critical evidence that will help us win your case.

Because we take matters into our own hands from the beginning, we don’t have to rely on incomplete or inaccurate police reports or forgetful eyewitnesses months down the road. We leave nothing to chance.

Before we ever file a case, we line up the evidence and strategize on a detailed and case-specific litigation plan. Once a lawsuit is filed, our team shapes the narrative of the case from the outset by leading the charge in discovery and taking the depositions of key witnesses, such as first responders, treating doctors, and the at-fault party. By the time the defense wakes up to the case, most witnesses will have already testified to how the crash occurred, who is at fault, and how the crash injured the plaintiff and changed their life.

We hire the top experts – from trucking experts to biomechanical engineers, depending on the specific needs of the case. We also create accident reconstruction videos as well as surgical procedure animations, to better explain the case and injuries to the insurance carrier and/or jury.

Insurance companies know that certain law firms get more and more desperate for settlement, the closer they get to trial. Unprepared to take the case the full distance, these firms lose leverage as trial approaches. As a result, their clients do not get full and fair justice for their injuries.

The opposite is true when SHK is on the case. As a trial firm, we hold all the cards as trial draws near. We have done the work. Our experts are retained and ready to testify. We are trial-ready. There is no need – and no pressure – to accept a lowball offer. This gives us the upper hand and leverage to obtain the maximum value prior to trial. If we do settle before trial, we settle for full and fair justice–not discount justice.

The numbers don’t lie: our outstanding jury verdicts have paved a pathway for excellent settlements. And since we are willing to finance a case all the way through trial, you will not have to accept an unfair payout for your injuries.


We’ll Take Things
From Here

Between our commercial trucking industry experience, proactive approach to fact-finding, and dedication to seeing justice served, we’ll make sure you have the upper hand in your fight for what’s fair.
We know these cases well, and we know how to win.

We are available 24/7 to evaluate your case at no cost.