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Has Your Life Been Changed by a Sidewalk Injury?

Sidewalk Injury Claims

Even when you take the utmost care, sidewalk injuries can happen. A serious tumble on a loose, damaged, uneven, or uncleared footpath can leave you with broken bones, brain trauma, or worse. Our job is to help you walk away from your sidewalk injury with a substantial settlement that covers your medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

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Our Approach

If you fell on a negligently maintained sidewalk and seriously injured yourself, we’ll go to the ends of the Earth to prove it.

The first part of our approach always involves an in-person investigation, but how we go about the evaluation depends on the details of the accident.

Whether the responsibility of the sidewalk belongs to a private entity, a homeowner, or a county or city government entity, we’ll visit the scene to take photos of the dangerous conditions and acquire CCTV and ring cam footage, when available, from nearby shop owners and residents.

If the sidewalk is city or county property, we’ll have to investigate municipal maintenance logs and collect statements from city employees as well.

After we’ve collected the information we need, we move back to the office and dedicate our resources to building your case. Our goal here is to prove that the property owner or entity responsible knew or should have known about the unsafe condition of the sidewalk and failed to fix the defect that caused your injury.

To establish the defendant’s negligence, we partner with engineers and urban planners who can serve as expert witnesses both on and off the stand, spending as much as we need to develop a first-rate case. 

Thanks to our investments in firsthand fact-finding and professional opinions, we enter the negotiation stage stronger than ever.

This preparedness sets us apart from most firms, who typically don’t start building a case until the final 90 days before trial. And because they’d rather not have to build a case at all, they’ll try to convince you to settle for whatever your adversary is offering.

Our attorneys, on the other hand, will encourage you to hold out for a bigger number—after all, we’ve already put in the effort to prepare a winning case.

As our clients will tell you, all the work we put in before your trial is worthwhile. Time after time, our proactive, tried-and-true process has led to massive settlements for the sidewalk injury claims we’ve handled—simply because we take out many of their plausible defenses. We do as much upfront work as we can to stack the odds in your favor.


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