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Construction Site Injury? Let’s Build An Airtight Case.

Construction Site Injuries

After enduring a life-changing injury on the job, don’t accept the false narrative that “these things happen” in construction site work. You always deserve a safe work environment. We will never dismiss your pain, and we’ll prepare tirelessly to win you a settlement that fairly compensates you for your injuries and losses.


Our Approach

We’re ready to invest in you. At SHK LAW, we’re selective about our caseload so that we can give everything we have to our clients. Investing our time, money, and resources doesn’t scare us–it’s what we do to achieve the best possible outcome.

We’re on the scene immediately, securing pivotal evidence and eyewitness testimonies oftentimes before the defense can. We demand that all evidence is preserved, and that the scene is maintained until we can conclude our investigation.

We call in experts who know exactly what to look for, and together, we closely inspect the construction site before the owner has time to cover up hazards or make drastic changes. In short, we don’t wait around for OSHA to investigate when we have the resources to do it ourselves—and do it more thoroughly.

We never shy away from expending significant resources to meticulously assemble your case. We’ll go out of our way to contract highly credentialed expert witnesses who hold the key to many workplace injury cases.

We work closely with the experts to understand the violations that caused or contributed to the incident, and we build a strong case around these theories. We subpoena records and take depositions of essential witnesses who help piece together the full picture.

When a serious and catastrophic injury occurs on a construction site, there is almost always a reason, like violations or corners cut. We will work tirelessly to get to the bottom of it and prove your case. 

Insurance companies know that certain law firms get more and more desperate for settlement, the closer they get to trial. Unprepared to take the case the full distance, these firms lose leverage as trial approaches. As a result, their clients do not get full and fair justice for their injuries.

The opposite is true when SHK is on the case. As a trial firm, we hold all the cards as trial draws near. We have done the work. Our experts are retained and ready to testify. We are trial-ready. There is no need – and no pressure – to accept a lowball offer. This gives us the upper hand and leverage to obtain the maximum value prior to trial. If we do settle before trial, we settle for full and fair justice–not discount justice.

The numbers don’t lie: our outstanding jury verdicts have paved a pathway for excellent settlements. And since we are willing to finance a case all the way through trial, you will not have to accept an unfair payout for your injuries.


If You’re Ready to Fight,
We’re There With You

Our years of expertise with construction site injury and death cases, coupled with
our no-holds-barred approach, make us the best choice to take on your battle.

We are available 24/7 to evaluate your case at no cost.