Adam Savin Shares Insights on Pre-Judgment Writs of Attachment Against Uninsured Employers

In a recent article featured in Advocate magazine, SHK Law partner Adam J. Savin discusses the powerful tool of pre-judgment writs of attachment in cases involving illegally uninsured employers. The article, titled “Pre-judgment writ of attachment against uninsured employers,” explores how California Labor Code section 3602 shatters the exclusive remedy defense, opening up civil remedies for injured workers.

As an experienced attorney in personal injury and workers’ compensation, Adam J. Savin provides valuable insights into navigating the legal complexities of these cases. He outlines the civil remedies available to plaintiffs, including the presumption of employer negligence, the potential for negligence per se based on CAL/OSHA violations, and the entitlement to reasonable attorney’s fees.

One of the key highlights of the article is the discussion of Labor Code section 3707, which allows plaintiffs to attach an employer’s real property to secure payment of any judgment obtained in a civil action. Adam J. Savin provides a detailed overview of the steps involved in securing a pre-judgment writ of attachment, including the application process, required declarations, and the importance of filing an undertaking or bond.

At SHK Law, we are committed to helping injured workers obtain the justice and compensation they deserve, especially in cases involving illegally uninsured employers. Our team of experienced attorneys, led by partners like Adam J. Savin, has the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complex legal landscape of workers’ compensation and personal injury law.

To read the full article and learn more about the power of pre-judgment writs of attachment in cases involving illegally uninsured employers, visit the Advocate magazine website to read the full article (here).

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