Brian Kim and Maureen Hennessey Featured in Daily Journal Article on $18.79 Million Slip-and-Fall Verdict Against McDonald's

We are proud to announce that SHK Law partners Brian J. Kim and Maureen K. Hennessey were recently featured in a Daily Journal article highlighting their groundbreaking $18.79 million verdict against a Los Angeles County McDonald’s. The article, titled “Savin Bursk wins $18.79M slip and fall verdict against McDonald’s”, details the challenges Brian and Maureen overcame in securing justice for their client, Jonathan Choto.

As reported in the article, Mr. Choto sustained severe spinal injuries after slipping on liquid that seeped out of a garbage bag at a McDonald’s restaurant in Lomita. Despite attempts by the defendants to cover up the incident and blame Mr. Choto’s previous back injury, Brian and Maureen’s tenacious advocacy and strategic approach ultimately prevailed.

To read the full Daily Journal article and learn more about the strategies behind this $18.79 million slip-and-fall verdict, click the image on the right.


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Key takeaways from the article include:

  • The verdict is believed to be one of the largest slip-and-fall cases against McDonald’s, particularly for a spine injury.
  • The defendants initially claimed that security cameras were turned off during the incident and that Mr. Choto staged the fall by intentionally spilling his orange juice.
  • Brian and Maureen spent years tracking down the sole witness, a McDonald’s employee, who testified that management instructed workers to go along with the false narrative to keep their jobs.
  • Rather than shying away from Mr. Choto’s previous back injury, the team embraced it as a strength of the case, demonstrating through expert testimony that the fall was the cause of his current condition.
  • The defendants made no settlement offers until the eve of trial and asked the jury to award just $58,250 in total damages.

This remarkable result showcases SHK Law’s commitment to fighting for our clients and holding even the largest corporations accountable for their negligence. As Brian J. Kim noted, “Our understanding of the verdict is that it might be the largest slip and fall case against McDonald’s, especially one where it’s a spine injury.”

At SHK Law, we are dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of the injured and wronged. Brian and Maureen’s success in this case exemplifies our firm’s unwavering dedication to our clients and our willingness to take on complex, challenging cases.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of others, contact SHK Law today for a consultation. Our experienced trial attorneys are here to fight for you and help you achieve the justice you deserve.