SHK Law Partner Brian J. Kim Contributes to Groundbreaking Book on Witness Preparation

We are proud to announce that SHK Law partner Brian J. Kim has contributed his expertise to the transformative new book, “Witness Preparation: How to Tell the Winning Story” by Jesse Wilson, now available for purchase from Trial Guides.

In this groundbreaking work, trial consultant and strategist Jesse Wilson draws from his years of experience helping trial lawyers and their clients discover, develop, and deliver winning testimony in high-stakes cases. The book is filled with checklists, actionable steps, insightful case studies, and trial transcripts to help you bring out the best testimony from your witnesses.

At the heart of “Witness Preparation” is Wilson’s innovative “victim to victor” approach, which empowers clients, improves damages arguments, and presents the truth of the consequences your clients are living with—and fighting to overcome—to galvanize jurors to action. As Wilson argues, jurors are more motivated to help when they see fighters on the stand, people they can get behind and support long after the trial is over.

Throughout the book, Wilson teaches you how to develop and deliver compelling stories of systematic misconduct, life-altering injuries, and ultimately, hope, redemption, and joy. He also provides tools to expose the defense for who they often are: the person or company who knows the most and cares the least about the harm they’ve caused.

In addition to preparing clients, Wilson offers valuable guidance on working with expert witnesses, helping them craft engaging, story-driven testimony that resonates with judges and jurors alike.

“Witness Preparation: How to Tell the Winning Story” features contributions from trial lawyers across the country, including SHK Law’s own Brian J. Kim, who shares his insights and experiences in helping clients deliver effective testimony.

The book has already garnered high praise from leading trial attorneys, including Joe Fried, co-founder of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, who says:

“If you want ordinary results, don’t read this book. If you want to learn how to cast your client such that their compelling voice and spirit shines through, [so] that others root for them, protect them, and even fight for them, read this book now. This book will shift your thoughts about what the most compelling damages story is, and it gives you practical pointers to put these new ideas in action right away in your cases—for trial and even for pretrial settlement.”

At SHK Law, we are committed to staying at the forefront of trial advocacy and constantly honing our skills to better serve our clients. Brian’s contribution to “Witness Preparation” is a testament to this commitment and a valuable resource for trial lawyers across the country.

To learn more about “Witness Preparation: How to Tell the Winning Story” and to purchase your copy, visit Trial Guides.