Kieran Doherty Joins Panel Discussion on Bad Faith and Open Policy Cases in "Justice Team Podcast"

SHK Law is excited to share that attorney Kieran Doherty recently participated in an informative panel discussion on the “Justice Team Podcast” about navigating insurance bad faith and open policy cases. Kieran was joined by fellow panelists Ben Simoneau of Singleton Schreiber and Heather Seikler of the Simon Law Group, as well as host Brandon Simon.

In the episode, titled “Bad Faith and Open Policies”, the panel delves into the complexities of bad faith litigation, discussing key topics such as:

  • Defining bad faith and open policies
  • The impact of the Pinto v. Farmers Insurance case on the standard of proof for bad faith claims
  • Best practices for crafting effective policy limit demands
  • Responding to insurer requests for additional information and time extensions
  • Evaluating the strength of potential bad faith cases
  • Strategies for pressuring insurers to settle cases above policy limits
  • The role of personal counsel and Cumis counsel in bad faith litigation
  • Insights from the claims file in bad faith cases

Drawing upon his experience as both an insurance adjuster and defense attorney, Kieran shares valuable insights into the insurer’s perspective and offers practical advice for plaintiff’s attorneys seeking to build strong bad faith cases. He emphasizes the importance of keeping demands clear, concise, and reasonable, and highlights the value of creating a detailed record of the insurer’s missteps and the plaintiff’s efforts to accommodate their requests.

Throughout the discussion, the panelists stress the significance of maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor in all communications with the insurer, noting that aggressive or hostile behavior can undermine the strength of a bad faith claim.

At SHK Law, our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex bad faith and open policy cases. We are committed to staying at the forefront of this evolving area of law and sharing our knowledge with the legal community. Kieran’s participation in this “Justice Team Podcast” episode exemplifies our firm’s dedication to educating fellow practitioners and advocating for the rights of policyholders.

To listen to the full episode and learn more about the intricacies of bad faith litigation, visit the “Justice Team Podcast” website.

If you believe you have a case involving insurance bad faith or an open policy, contact SHK Law today for a consultation. Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to guide you through the process and fight for the compensation you and your clients deserve.